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B6 Ultrasonic scaler

K2 Scaler kit
B5 Ultrasonic scaler
B5 Ultrasonic scaler(autoclavable handpiece)
B5 Supersonic Scaler
B5 Ultrasonic Scaler(Irremovable handpiece)
Clamp wrench
  Baiyu scaler tips
Baiyu scaler tips
  Baiyu scaler tips
FB6 Urtrasonic handpiece which compatible with Satelec
  Baiyu scaler tips
FB7 Urtrasonic handpiece which compatible with Satelec
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Sino-Dental 2017 in Beijing

        Full name: The 22th China International Dental Exhibition & Scientific Conference.
        Venue:The Basement, China National Convention Center, Beijing, China.
        Date: June 9th–12th, 2017.
        Booth: Floor 4,Z293.
        Products: Baiyu Brand B5 Ultrasonic scaler
                         Baiyu Brand B6 Ultrasonic scaler
                         Baiyu Brand B7 Ultrasonic scaler
                         Baiyu Brand K2 Scaler Kit
                         Baiyu Brand Propjet polisher PS-01
                         Baiyu Brand Clamp wrench
                         Baiyu Brand Tips

Salespersons: Shang

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Share booth with MPI USA implants system.


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