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B5 Ultrasonic Scaler(Irremovable handpiece)

Functions of B5 ultrasonic scaler.


Ultrasonic scaler is mainly used to remove dental calculi, tobacco stains, bacterial specks and tea stains.

Features of B5 ultrasonic scaler.
1.The handpiece is irremovable,so this type of handpiece is not autoclavable.
2.The power adaptor is inside the case, so that the scaler can work immediately by pluging the power.It is conveinent to install and move.
3.The transducer inside the handpiece is made of Titanium alloy to ensure sound mechanic function and durability.
4.The tips is made of high strength stainless steel.
5.Vibration come from piezo-ceramic, powerful ,durable ,but a little heat.
6.Automatic frequency tracing ensure that the machine always works on the best frequency steadly.
7.Scale efficiently.
8.The cord is made of silica gel , soft and durable.
9.Exquisite outline.
10.Easy to operation.

Technical specifications.
Power input: 220VAC,230VAC,or 110VAC,50Hz or 60Hz.
Fuse: 0.5A/250V.
Output power: ≤20VA.
Vibration frequency: 28kHz-34kHz
Water pressure: ≤0.3Mpa
Water flow: 5-100ml/min.
Ambient temperature: 10°C -40°C.
Ambient humidity: 70%RH.

Panorama picture

scaler mainbody (handpiece attached) ---1pcs
scaler tips-----------------------------5pcs
scaler wrench --------------------------1pcs
scaler foot pedal-----------------------1pcs
scaler water pipeline-------------------1pcs
scaler manual---------------------------1pcs
scaler QC card--------------------------1pcs

Outline dimensions:Length x width x height = 195mmx145mmx77mm.

Package boxes (select one of them)
Default type of box .
English type of box.
Anonymity type of box.
Small anonymity box.

Gross weight: 2.4KG
Net weight: 2KG

Trouble shooting

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