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PS-01 Mini-polisher


Mini-Polisher is a kind of dental descaler equipment which is used synthetically with dental machinery . It is connected to the joint of dental machinery which used to connect tohigh speed handpiece.


nozzletrunkMain bodymainbody


The theory of Mini-Polisher

The compressing air input the case of mini polisher, active the powder,forming a fog of powder,Then the powder fog spurt out from the centre pipe of the nozzle of mini polisher. While the water input the mini polisher ,output from the gap between inner pipe and outer pipe of the nozzle.The powder flow and the water flow mix at the outlet of the nozzle,forming a spray,the spray hit the stains on the teeth.



1.The appearance is handsome and dexterous and the structure is indiscrete.

2.Directly connecting todental machinery, so it is very handy.

3. Replace the trunk by push-pull.

4. It can be sterilized in  temperature of 135℃.

5. One-way facility in Mini-polisher can prevent powder from return.


1.Water pressure:0.05Mpa-0.5MPa

    2.Water type:Tap water

    3.Water flow:0mL/Min-350mL/Min

4.Air pressure:0.2MPa-0.5MPa

5.Powder flow:0g/Min-20g/Min

6.Granularity of powder :100 Mesh

7.Powder type:Sodium bicarbonate ,Calcium carbonate,or silicon dioxide

Interface type




ISO 4 holes

NSK QD-J (No light)

NSK PTL-CL (with light)




BienAir 1600363 ,as well as unifix


Nozzle---------------------1 pcs

Trunk----------------------1 pcs

Mainbody-------------------1 pcs

Spare parts----------------1 pcs

Needle---------------------1 pcs

CQ-------------------------1 pcs

manual---------------------1 pcs

There is not powder in polisher package.


Default box

plain box


Gross weight:0.309Kg(There is not powder inside the package)
Net weight:0.128Kg

Carton packages

32PCS carton

23PCS carton

Trouble shootings



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